Connect with your dream clients, directly.

Transforming cold outreach into warm handshakes at scale by paving the way for predictable growth and adding more sales meetings to your calendar, for you.

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Cold Email Outreach

We mean business.

+52 leads in 14 days for a freelance copywriter

We generated 52 ready-to-close leads and $8.7K worth of deals in a highly competitive market. 

$723K+ into the pipeline for an SEO agency

Helped the agency owner stand out in a sea of SEO related emails with our ultra personalized method.

100s of new leads for a Web3 agency

Applying our methods to new untouched markets with a direct appraoch.

Here's what we handle for you:

Explore our services designed to transform your business.

  • done-for-you selling

    Everything Outbound

    Total campaign management that aligns with your business goals and audience's needs.

  • Direct Copywriting

    Emails penned with precision, your brand's personality, and a clear call to action.

  • Prospect Research

    Segmenting your email lists to ensure our message reaches the right audience.

  • Funnel Automation

    Continual testing and optimization for unbeatable open rates and conversions.

  • Offer Development

    To boost the success of your campaigns, we create and refine your offers.

  • Human Touch

    Appointment Setting

    Cultivating a smooth hand-off for you to onboard your next clients. 

Our 4-step approach:

  • Prospecting leads

    Sourcing qualified leads.

    Meticulous research goes into finding the right people for your business.

    • Develop high-intent buyer personas
    • Monitor your close competitors
    • Leverage case studies & reviews.
    • Conduct interviews with your ICP

      After that, we build a list of prospects & segment them based on common characteristics.
  • Creating messages diagram

    Crafting your messages.

    Once we understand your dream client's who, what, where, and why, we begin crafting messages and sequences.

    • Proven method after sending millions of emails
    • Carefully written with clear & clean copy
    • Unlimited revisions and adjustments
    • Multi-channel messaging for emails, DM's, and more.

    Once we're happy with the first editions of our copy, we get to work on forming the funnel and creating content.

  • Exectue

    Putting things into motion.

    Now the target has been identified and our messages have been created, it's time to launch the first campaign.

    • Launch a campaign to confirm our targeting
    • Gather further insights into your market
    • Experimentation with key decision-makers
    • Ensure messages are getting to your ICP

    The first round of campaigns is launched on day 14 and will help us segment our data to a T.

  • Optimize1

    Finding the perfect system.

    After much experimentation to find the right strategy for your business, we double down on the top performers.

    • A/B Tests on messaging and content
    • Determine what resonates the most with ICP
    • Improve key metrics (opens, replies, conversions)
    • Total campaign management and reporting

    Working with you towards landing on that perfect message, for the perfect person and at the perfect time.

Who's running this show?

Seasoned entrepreneurs and experts, passionate about helping other business owners grow.

  • Federico Perez, Co-Founder at Crevzo
    Federico Perez

    Argentine entrepreneur focused on creating business relationships

  • Alistair Stafford, Co-Founder at Crevzo
    Alistair Stafford

    Passionate about helping other business owners win

Common Myth: Cold Outreach doesn't work in 2024.

Let us prove that wrong. Get started with Crevzo to embark on a journey of growth driven by a kaizen-cultured service, improving your business by 1% each day. Our process ensures your campaigns are up and running swiftly, promising noticeable results in 30 days while giving you the freedom of no long-term constraints.
Alistair Stafford

The numbers tell a different story:

  • 67%
    Of buyers prefer to be contacted via email compared to social media and other channels.
  • 75%
    B2B's say results are better when prospecting is combined with other outreach methods.
  • #1
    Email outreach was voted as the most reliable channel at driving leads for B2B businesses in 2024.

Alistair's Cold Email Masterclass.

Hear from some of our partners:


"Connecting with GameFi brands was our biggest hurdle before we discovered Alistair. Our lead generation efforts were floundering, with few qualified leads, which stunted our agency’s growth in the Blockchain & Web3 space. Crevzo's approach to cold email outreach wasn’t just a service.

Laura - CEO at lkiconsulting


"Before partnering with Crevzo, our challenges in reaching and engaging potential clients significantly hindered our growth. Crevzo’s expertise in lead generation has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Their tailored cold email outreach program was a game-changer."

Lucas - co-founder at vintti

Our Clear-Cut Pricing.

Choose a plan that aligns with your business goals while being free to scale without any long-term constraints. The more leads you reach every day, the more meetings booked.

  • Basic

    Ideal for small businesses with small teams looking to try outreach.
    • Appointment Setting
      We book appointments for you from leads who communicated interest in your business's product/service from our campaigns.
    • Lead Sourcing and Verification
      Expert data quality is a top priority for us - we get our data from publicly available sources across 100s of directories.
    • Simplified Reporting & Analysis
    • Continuous A/B Testing
    • Done-For-You Setup
      We manage your entire domain and inbox infrastructure, the backbone of our campaigns, and maintain your reputation by warming up your accounts (saving you hours).
    • 1 Target Persona
      We go to the length of interviewing your dream clients so we can better understand how to connect you with them.
    • Reach 400+ leads / day
  • Advanced

    For service providers looking to outsource a new outreach department.
    • Everything in Basic +
    • Advanced Lead Scoring
      We ensure the quality of your leads is top-notch with insight-led lead scoring.
    • Live Dashboard
      Track campaign results in real time.
    • 3 Target Personas
    • Total Campaign Management
      We manage everything from your domains and inboxes to writing your email copy and testing different campaigns,
    • Offer Refinement
      We get to work on creating the best possible offers for your business through outbound. What works great in outbound, will work ven better for your inbound.
    • Reach 800+ leads / day
  • Growth

    For businesses who want to go-to-market quickly and and grow sustainably.
    • Everything in Advanced +
    • Bi-Weekly Strategy Call
      We're dedicated to making thoes 1% improvments across your whole sales funnel. This call is designed to set you up for conversions.
    • Dedicated Success Manager
      The team will add an outreach expert to create an outreach system on steroids with ultra-personalized messages.
    • Sales Funnel Optimization
      Improving your offers and content that contributes to conversions for your business.
    • Unlimited Target Personas
    • 24/7 Slack Support
      We will answer your questions within 8 working hours.
    • Reach 1200+ leads / day

Better leads, easier life, simple.

Get a new growth partner today. Book your discovery call with Federico, and we'll have you saying "Qualified leads? Completed it mate" before you know it.