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Seo Seo

$643K+ into the pipeline for an SEO agency in 90 days.

"Since implementing their new approach, we've seen a dramatic increase in the amount of interest from potential clients, which has been a game-changer for us. For instance, after just 10 days of launching a new offer, we received an ultra-qualified lead from one of their campaigns and closed them on our PPC services, attributing $4,600 to our bottom line."

Ray Thiara, Founder & CEO
vintti vintti

Secured +$30K MRR client from personalized outreach.

"Before partnering with Crevzo, our challenges in reaching and engaging potential clients significantly hindered our growth. Crevzo’s expertise in lead generation has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Their tailored cold email outreach program was a game-changer, connecting us with exactly the right audience of U.S.-based accounting firms in need of quality accounting and financial talent"

Lucas, co-founder at vintti
1game 1game

Connected a Blockchain agency with 100s of GameFi brands.

"Connecting with GameFi brands was our biggest hurdle before we discovered Alistair. Our lead generation efforts were floundering, with few qualified leads, which stunted our agency’s growth in the Blockchain & Web3 space. Crevzo's approach to cold email outreach wasn’t just a service—it was a strategic partnership tailored specifically to our niche needs in the GameFi sector."

Laura K. Inamedinova, CEO

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