Outsourcing your Client Aquistion with Crevzo.

Find out why it's better to outsource your client acquisition with Crevzo rather than traditional hiring or using AI.

  • $50,000+
    Did you know it can cost over $50k to hire and train a new SDR in the USA?
  • 6 Months+
    It takes up to 6 months to train a new SDR, not ideal for fast-growth.
  • Lost Revenue
    Slowing growth by training new hires will hinder your ability to scale.

You're getting 1/2 the meetings you should be getting by doing your own unorganized outreach...

Without crevzo

Leading to an unmotivated sales team and valuable leads slipping through the gaps.

We'll handle all of that.

Expertise and Specialization

You benefit from a team of specialists with deep expertise in email outreach and lead generation. SDRs Typically require significant training and may not have specialized skills.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Our services are tailored to your specific industry and business needs, with the ability to quickly pivot as required. SDRs have Limited flexibility, often requiring additional training for industry-specific knowledge.

With crevzo

Creating a reliable soruce of leads.

vintti vintti

Vintti secured +$30K MRR from personalized outreach.

"Before partnering with Crevzo, our challenges in reaching and engaging potential clients significantly hindered our growth. Crevzo’s expertise in lead generation has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Their tailored cold email outreach program was a game-changer, connecting us with exactly the right audience of U.S.-based accounting firms in need of quality accounting and financial talent"

Lucas, co-founder at vintti

SDRs vs Crevzo

👉 There are so many tools out there, we know the best.

With many new outreach tools in the market, picking the right system for your business or strategy becomes hard. 

👉 We don't just reach out, we scale out.

Once we find you the perfect system while generating meetings, we begin the automation process to scale.

👉 Short-term results and long-term success, a win-win.

We've been in this game for 6+ years as a collaborative, and we've found frameworks that are proven to work.

AspectCrevzo's ServicesTraditional SDRs
ProspectingUtilize multiple databases and score leads based on response likelihoodUse online research, social media, and industry databases for prospecting
CopywritingTailored email copywriting according to ICP's wants and painsBasic email and call scripts provided or self-created
Follow-Up SequenceComprehensive follow-up and nurturing sequences to book meetingsSDRs create and manage their follow-up sequences
AutomationBuild and refine an automated system step by stepLimited to using existing CRM and automation tools
AB TestingContinuous AB testing for optimal resultsConduct AB testing within limited scope
Multi-Channel ApproachUse multiple touchpoints across various channelsPrimarily focus on phone and email outreach
CostStart from $1599 up to $3250$3,750 to $5,000 per month plus additional costs
Time to ResultsMeetings booked within 30 daysResults can take several months due to training and ramp-up time

Let's set up your system today.

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