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Secured +$30K MRR client from personalized outreach.

"Before partnering with Crevzo, our challenges in reaching and engaging potential clients significantly hindered our growth. Crevzo’s expertise in lead generation has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Their tailored cold email outreach program was a game-changer, connecting us with exactly the right audience of U.S.-based accounting firms in need of quality accounting and financial talent"

Lucas, co-founder at vintti

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Hear how we did from Ray Thiara:

founder & ceo, Ray thiara

Fervor SEO, founded by Ray Thiara, is an internationally recognized and trusted Marketing Agency specializing in SEO services for small and medium-sized B2B service providers.

"Create content once, get leads forever"

Ray's solution? Working with Crevzo. By subscribing to Crevzo's outreach services, FervorSEO managed to connect with $643K+ in potential clients and we're still counting...

  • "Before partnering with Alistair, we struggled with lead generation. We weren't getting qualified leads, and this was majorly impacting our sales and our ability to scale and growth. We just weren't able to effectively grow our business. We chose to work with Alistair because of his deep understanding of how to build an effective cold email outreach system that was tailor-made for our needs."

    Ray thiara, founder & ceo