Creative Approach to Cold Email Outreach.

Discover how Fervor SEO closed a $4,600 MRR client in 10 days using a unique and creative approach to cold email within a competitive marketplace.

Fervor SEO faced 3 challanges.

  • Unqualified Leads

    FervorSEO struggled to attract qualified leads from their inbound marketing efforts and needed a way of connecting with their dream clients to scale.

  • Lacked Expertise

    They were left in the dust after lackluster results from a previous agency, with little in-house skill to copywrite killer email campaigns.

  • Unreliant Referrals

    They relied on their clients to refer them - which is unreliable if you want to scale your business. We helped them create a sustainable outreach plan.

About The Company

Founded by Ray thiara

Fervor SEO, founded by Ray Thiara, is an internationally recognized and trusted Marketing Agency specializing in SEO services for small and medium-sized B2B service providers.

"Create content once, get leads forever"

Their solution? Working with Crevzo. By subscribing to Crevzo's outreach services, FervorSEO managed to connect with $723K+ in potential clients and we're still counting.

26 days, 2 campaigns, 2 new offers.


How did we acheive these results?

  • 266% more replies

    After implementing our "Loom" offer and stronger CTAs, their reply rates went from 1.2% to 4.4% in a matter of days.

  • 70%+ emails opened

    From our thorough approach to sourcing high-quality and untouched data mixed with simple compelling subject lines.

  • +90% more meetings

    We came in and landed more meetings for Ray's sales team by making sure no leads slipped through the gaps.

Our creative solution:

Loom Videos + Email.

We took the wing and implemented a creative way of reaching their ideal clients through Loom Videos at scale - connecting Fervor SEO with 800+ prospects daily and nurturing them via our 12-step sequenced campaigns.

To help Fervor SEO expand, we collaborated on building a new offer, allowing them to dip their services into PPC too. A new landing page was needed, designed to convert prospects by helping them make an informed decision with an explainer video.

  • "Before partnering with Alistair, we struggled with lead generation. We weren't getting qualified leads, and this was majorly impacting our sales and our ability to scale and growth. We just weren't able to effectively grow our business. We chose to work with Alistair because of his deep understanding of how to build an effective cold email outreach system that was tailor-made for our needs."

    Ray thiara, founder & ceo

We don't focus on generic solutions. We make bold bets.


Our collaboration with Ray Thiara underscores the potential of a well-executed, personalized outreach strategy in transforming lead generation processes. 

At Crevzo, we don’t just focus on generic solutions; we understand the unique challenges faced by our clients and address them with customized strategies, taking full responsibility.

 Our approach offers a proven pathway to success for businesses looking to boost their lead generation and conversion rates using unique methods 99% of the business don't have the time for.

Are you facing similar challenges in your business? Reach out to see how our specialized solutions can open new growth avenues for you too.

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