Connecting GameFi brands to Venture Capitalists through LKI Consulting.

Discover how Crevzo helped LKI Consulting connect with GameFi brands worldwide, helping them get Series A funding from stella Web3 Marketing & PR services.

LKI Consulting faced 3 challanges.

  • No Expertise

    They had never tried outreach as a part of their client acquisition strategy before and had no expertise on executing cold email outreach campaigns.

  • Limited Market

    The blockchain market is new and up-and-coming but struggled to find any prospects to reach out to. They had previously focused on networks.

  • No Time

    As a fast-growing Web3 marketing agency in a new space, they didn't have the time to find the right people, nor learn to create the right messages.

About The Company

Founded by Laura K. Inamedinova

Laura K. Inamedinova is a Founder & CEO of LKI Consulting who takes no-bs attitude to business. Thanks to her exquisite data-driven strategies and fresh outlook on the Web3 space, she helped her Clients grow 10x and raise over $1B.

Voice of over 129 conferences in 17+ countries

A former contributor of Forbes and Huffington Post, she has been recognized internationally among Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine, HuffPost acclaimed PR expert, and Top 10 Women in International Business by Silicon Valley Times.

  • "Connecting with GameFi brands was our biggest hurdle before we discovered Alistair. Our lead generation efforts were floundering, with few qualified leads, which stunted our agency’s growth in the Blockchain & Web3 space. Crevzo's approach to cold email outreach wasn’t just a service—it was a strategic partnership tailored specifically to our niche needs in the GameFi sector. The results? An increase in both client engagement and successful funding for our clients.

    Laura Inamedinova, ceo

Curating an organized solution

  • Teamwork

    We partnered up with LKI's C-suite, sales, and marketing teams to collaborate in connecting them with GameFi brand worldwide - adding weight to the outreach.

  • Leverage

    We leveraged Laura's 27K LinkedIn following to research for the perfect prospects to fuel the campaigns, as well as conduct some LinkedIn outreach.

  • Personality

    Our personalized video audit campaign used the company's most notable faces - the C-levels. Laura and Maryna recorded audits to fuel the campaign's success.

Helping LKI stand out by providing services that other Web3 Agencies charge for.

The blockchain market is one of the most newly funded markets, but few contacts are available in the space. We worked fast to create a way of getting the attention of GameFi Founders & CTOs through personalized token & website audits by Laura herself.

We created a Website & Token audit SOP for each prospect and conducted a mix of manual outreach and permissions-based high-volume outreach. The goal here was to provide so much free value that GameFi founders couldn't say no to learning more.

Lki result

Cultivating a long-term partnership our clients.

Our work with a leading web3 marketing agency demonstrates the effectiveness of personalized outreach campaigns in transforming lead generation, particularly within the complex dynamic GameFi sector.

At Crevzo, we move beyond one-size-fits-all solutions; we delve into the specific challenges our clients face and provide tailored strategies in collaboration with their team - with a commitment to results. 

We don't compete with your sales team. Our innovative methods, which 99% of businesses may overlook due to time constraints, have proven to be successful in enhancing lead generation and improving conversion rates.

Are you encountering similar challenges in your industry? Contact us to discover how our specialized solutions can unlock new opportunities for growth in your business.

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