Filling Vintti's calendar up with Accounting Firms

Discover how Crevzo helped Offshore Staffing Agency, Vintti, land a new $30K MRR client through cold email outreach and thorough prospecting.

Vintti faced these challanges:

  • Wasted Efforts

    Having previously tried cold email outreach in-house, they couldn't see it being a viable channel, with little results coming from it.

  • Unqualified Leads

    Their broad targeting approach led to inefficient marketing spend and efforts, with many leads proving to be unqualified, non-decision makers.

  • Cultivating Trust

    Trust - As a company that recruits talent from South America to serve U.S. accounting firms and SMBs, Vintti needed to overcome skepticism 

About The Company

Founded by Santiago, Agustin and Lucas

Vintti is a leading provider of accounting talent to accounting firms and SMBs in the United States. They help you hire accounting and financial talent from South America in less than 21 days, saving up to 60% on payroll.

"Break free from local talent shortages"

Finding the right candidate in today's market can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, leaving financial operations at risk of stagnation. At Vintti, they turn the tide on this dilemma with specialized offshore accounting staffing services. 

  • "Before partnering with Crevzo, our challenges in reaching and engaging potential clients significantly hindered our growth. Crevzo’s expertise in lead generation has been nothing short of transformative for our business. Their tailored cold email outreach program was a game-changer, connecting us with exactly the right audience of U.S.-based accounting firms in need of quality accounting and financial talent. We’ve seen a remarkable increase in qualified leads"

    Lucas, co-founder at vintti
  • Southamerica

    How we helped Vintti close $30K MRR after adding a little spice to their campaigns:

    1. Better Personalization

     Each email was designed to address common pain points and objectives specific to the recipient, enhancing the relevancy and impact of the message - A/B testing our copy across different email elements. 

    2. Cultivating Trust

    We incorporated several trust-building elements into Vintti’s email campaigns. This included client testimonials, case studies, and detailed explanations of Vintti’s vetting process for talent.   

3. Targeted Email Campaigns

 By analyzing Vintti’s ideal customer profile, we were able to build an email list based on various criteria such as industry, company size, and specific needs related to accounting and financial talent. 

  • +80% better leads.

    The number of qualified leads generated per month increased by 80%, with a significant reduction in lead acquisition cost by approximately 30%. Conversion rates from meetings rose from 5% to 12%.

  • 50% growth in clients.

     Secured contracts with 11 new accounting firms within 90 days, representing a 50% growth in client base. Generated an estimated increase in annual attributed revenue of $200K.

  • 72% more attention.

    Open rates for email campaigns increased from 45% to 72% within the first 90 days. Click-through rates doubled from an average of 2% to 4%, indicating higher engagement with the content.

Grow through with strategic lead generation partnership.

 Through a focused and meticulously tailored approach, Crevzo has been instrumental in enabling Vintti to expand their client base and elevate their market presence significantly. 

By optimizing Vintti's cold email campaigns, we not only improved their engagement metrics but also dramatically increased the quality and conversion of leads. 

These strategic enhancements have directly contributed to a substantial uptick in revenue and long-term client engagements, setting a new standard for Vintti’s operational success.

If you represent an agency facing similar challenges in lead generation and market expansion, it's time to take decisive action. Reach out to Crevzo today to discuss how our bespoke lead generation solutions can be tailored to fit your specific business needs. 

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